From start to finish, Patti had our trust…

From start to finish, Patti had our trust…

“My husband and I researched several realtors in the area before calling Patti Halpin out to our home. Patti had recently sold the house across the street from us; therefore we wanted to hear what she had to say about our home.

When we met with her, we were so totally refreshed by her honesty and her depth of knowledge about the area and real estate in general. She didn’t just tell us what we wanted to hear rather she thoughtfully considered the best plan of attack in selling our home. She also truly listened to what our goals were. We felt that at every moment, she was truly advocating on our behalf, but was also honest with us about what to expect. Patti was dedicated to the sale of our home, and we always felt that she was available to us.

When our home finally sold it did not mean it was the end of our relationship with Patti. It was now time to purchase another home but we wanted to expand our search to other areas Pinellas County. We never considered using another realtor because we knew in our hearts that there was no one we would be able to trust as much as Patti.

She listened to us when we told her what was most important to us in a new home and was adaptable when we made changes in what we were looking for. She helped us search neighborhoods, and again was honest with us about what to expect in this complex real estate market. We put offers on homes that we lost several times, but again we would just pick up where we had left off. Finally, one fateful day we literally found the house of our dreams.

We have been in our new home for almost six months, and at least every other day my husband or I comment to each other how thankful we are to be in this home. It fits our family so well. We feel very appreciative to Patti and all of her hard work from beginning to end. We would happily suggest to anyone else who is considering buying or selling they consider Patti as well.”

-The Hawkins Family

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