Patti was by our side…

Patti was by our side…

“Mike and I were first time home buyers. We were excited to own our first house but also tentative about the many decisions and responsibilities that came along with that decision. However, we believe God paired us with Patti as our real estate agent. It was such a comfort to have Patti by our side as we went down the bumpy road of buying our first home.

Unfortunately, the home we fell in love with had been foreclosed on and had been empty for a couple of years. Due to these issues and a couple other concerns, our home purchase was a long process. There were many times when we were not sure if the house would close. However, we always knew what was happening because Patti kept us informed.

There were opportunities to walk away from the home and we always felt we had Patti’s support not matter what we decided. She wanted what was best for our family just as much as we did. Patti was by our side for months as we waited, dealt with the investor owners and worked out the financing. We did end up purchasing our home and couldn’t be happier.

We consider working with Patti to be a gift and now we call her a friend.”

-Mike & Kate Sawa

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